We believe a good investment policy is one that remains the same regardless of market cycles or popular trends. The media headlines are short-term and should not affect long-term investment decisions. Investment goals should be modified only in conjunction with a major shift in your investment time horizon or risk tolerance.

We provide advisory services for affluent families and high-income individuals. We also provide advisory services for retirement plan sponsors.

The most important principle for any investor or financial professional to understand is risk. All investing involves trade-offs. For every potential gain, there is some associated risk- whether perceived or not. Investors tempted by the potential rewards of any investment should identify the nature and magnitude of the risks involved. A common characteristic of many effective investors is the simplicity of their investments. An investment program that is not easily understood is never a prudent idea.

Investment Objectives

  1. Defense first, offense second. This usually means creating diversified portfolios of high-quality securities.
  2. Investment allocations should be based on the investors' time horizon, goals, objectives, and personal tolerance for risk.
  3. Goals should be accomplished in as efficient a manner as possible in terms of reducing taxes and not paying for services that add little or no incremental value to the investment process.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including loss of principal.

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